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air preheater with flash steam recovery section

We are specialist consultants providing forensic and expert witness support for thermal engineering and design issues.
Dove Thermal Engineering undertakes projects in product development, process improvement and thermal process design.
We design and build a range of heating & cooling equipment, and provide complete balance of plant & process cooling schemes.

Infrastructure Upgrades

In terms of business management, process improvement relates to organizational strategy generally, and the optimization of current resources in particular. It may be applied to personnel, finance, facilities and trading. Several major UK and multi-national companies identified Dove Thermal Engineering as having the ability to convert their development targets into practical realities through redesign and implementation of mainstream production processes and plant facilities. Many of these projects embodied significant process innovation by which to accelerate production rate for relatively modest capital outlay.

For example, we doubled output of diesel fuel additive for Banner Chemicals, and that of carbonated drinks production for Axis Bottling, while we improved refining rate by 48.7% for Tate & Lyle - so that 95% of UK cane sugar production passed through our plant. Facilities developments for BXL, Northern Foods, Plessey and various Alcan sites all enabled significant improvements in manufacturing output, whilst process innovation and inventions for McCain Foods, Eversmart Express and International Automotive Components all greatly improved quality and security of production. The simple expedient of a flash steam recovery section built into the air pre-heater (shown) improved operating economy by 15.4% for Glaxo Smith Kline.

Classic Methodologies

Process Improvement – whether concerned with organisational or technical upgrade – calls for discipline and creativity. Effective PI planning emerges from a framework that has been appropriately formatted onto a well-defined strategy. Dove Thermal’s background clearly illustrates the topical interdependencies between the Design, the Scientific, and the Engineering Method. While perhaps not “drawing by numbers” in the popular sense, making links and creating shapes is fundamental to a successful programme. The heuristics of the mathematical method, the empirics of the scientific method, and the iterations of the engineering method should be underwritten by common sense and experience – the “Pragmatic Method”. All employ a recursive approach to problem solving that may be applied to improving processes, products and manufacturing technologies, with the mathematical method and scientific method melding into the engineering method. Bearing equally upon corporate and technical issues, the pragmatic method might well summarize all three ways of looking at solving problems and discovering opportunities.

Design & Manufacturing Assistance

Productivity and process innovation had earlier been encouraged by the Department of Trade and Industry through the Manufacturing Advisory Service administered by the Production Engineering Research Association (PERA), and the Design Advisory Service (DAS) operated on its behalf by the Design Council. The MAS has recently been revamped, and we would be pleased to provide access details. Meanwhile, Dove Thermal continues to operate design contracts under DAS Terms of Reference, providing a secure five- and twenty-day project framework backed by prototyping and construction to IChemE Standard Forms.

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